P.S. – Permutations of Shopping

A conceptual design in nomadic architecture in collaboration with Alonso Toledo, Ole Baggethun and Regein Cox
January 2002, Paris

photos of prototype

photos of prototype

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P.S. fuses architecture with couture (archicouture). As a hiker must carry his ‘house’, the travelling salesman carries the genius of a SHOP-HOUSE puzzle, becoming at all times a LOGO for his product. Freed from the constraints of a fixed venue, P.S. takes form during his travel, becoming its context. The act of installation becomes a spectacle; engaging his public while demonstrating the multiple Permutations of Shopping.

A 1:1 prototype was developed for the event Archicouture by A3 Association, testing the agenda of the travelling salesman; fine-tuning all three aspects of house, shop and logo. The use of tactile material and smells as driving marketing strategy, brings in a new sensorial appeal to the act of Chance Shopping.