Crois Quoi

A scenography and choreography for the arts festival – “Vues d’Ici: Scenographie d’un lieu”
March to May 2001, Paris

sketches and photos of performance

sketches and photos of performance

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Dance project with original music and choreography. Inspired by the daily household objects that surround and dictate our everyday life, this is a dance that borders between practical and hyperrealist motion.

When body/ object equilibrium is attained, one succumbs to both beat and form of the BANAL. 1.5m high by 1m wide foldable screens, tyre, vacuum cleaner, chair, broom and bed sheet. 15 minutes performance.

Une Après-Midi en Prenant une Douche – An extrapolation of “Crois Quoi?” – is a solo performance set in the shower. The mental hallucinations while showering overtake the physical and set the body in flight. Vinyl screens, blue lighting, water projection and chair. 5 minutes performance.