Grimaces/ Insulation/ Degrees of De Compositions

A scenography for Tan Kai Syng’s solo LIVE video art performance with sound artists Charles Christophe and Carl Stone
August 2004, Tokyo

conceptual sketch of scenography

conceptual sketch of scenography

This event was held in a gallery in Kanda, Tokyo

It is Tan Kai Syng’s Island-hopping series (Fall 2004 version) – comprising a full-day exhibition and a one-night live performance with electronic musicians Carl Stone and Christophe Charles.

Confronted with a small but unique gallery space boasting of one full-glass facade, the concept was to expand spatial perception by using the reflective nature of the glass while playing with the physical idea of ‘Island-hopping’. The notion of Inside and Outside were deliberately blurred to encourage appreciation of the unique qualities of the site.

The final installation consisted of two video projections- one small ceiling-wall projection on the inner upper corner of the space and one big floor-to-ceiling projection on the diagonally-opposite outer corner of the space. (A white screen set back at 1m from the glass facade was used for the projection.) The bigger projection was deliberately reversed so that text could be read from the outside of the glass facade. In addition three similar television sets were placed facing different angles in staggered recession; one of which was directly behind the added screen. The television sets were conceived as part-furniture so that viewers could sit on them while watching any particular video, in any particular direction, while being inside or outside the projection space. All projections were of dissimilar content.

The three performers were ‘scattered’ in the space with each using the television sets as either table or chair. Tan Kai Syng was ‘showcased’ at the glass facade. The audience was allowed to mingle freely within the space while enjoying an all-surround image and/ or sound performance.