Kiryu Women’s University

A concept design for a Women’s University
2008, Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Concept design for a women’s university specialising in food and nutrition set in the Kiryu countryside.

This project was born when the University invested in a pizza oven, and wanted to share it with the community. Due to the lack of restaurant options in the area, the University decided to implement a novel concept of providing dining options to the local community as well.  This creates the opportunity for feedback on the students’ culinary skills. Therefore, the ground level dining area is open to the exterior, connecting it with the community. Daily menu, designed by the students, is served  to the University staff, students and public in this open dining area.

The lecture halls and training kitchens on the 2nd and 3rd levels have ribbon windows, giving the users a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain scenery. At night, the lit open area on the ground floor gives the impression of a floating box. The facade is cladded with customised tiles to give the impression of a traditional Japanese woven picnic basket, adding a homely feminine touch to the place.