TEAbeast | 茶兽

A site-specific multi-sensory art installation in collaboration with Wang Wen Chih
Jun 2011, Chiayi, Taiwan


Commissioned by the Chiayi County, for the Yun Jia Jia: Urban Aesthetics Exhibition 「雲嘉嘉:美立足印2011」, held in a former railway station, TEAbeast is a site-specific multi-sensory art installation comprising sculpture, video projection and specially-formulated aromas juxtaposing the calm aromatic dark nights of the tea fields of Taiwan and the spice tea (known as “Teh Tarik” locally) of sultry tropical Singapore.

  “Singapore Tropical city to 新加坡熱帶城市,
 Chiayi Sub-Tropical countryside. 嘉義亞熱帶鄉景。
 Tidy rows of raintrees to 雨樹林蔭大道,
 Wild growth of betel nut. 野生檳榔樹林。
 Tehtarik, Gongfu cha. “拉茶”,“功夫茶”。
 Two cups of tea, one myth. 兩杯茶 一個神話。
 TEAbeast.” 《茶獸》