Object Creation and Perception through the 6 Senses

Part-Time Lecturer, 3D Foundation, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media

Jan 2013 – Present


Student Sketch Models for Taste, Smell, Sound & Touch exercises

Although sight appears to be the contemporary man’s primary sense in perceiving his world, the other senses also play important roles in how we interpret what we see. This is increasingly so in our highly competitive consumerist world where there is a shift from mere ‘eye candy’ to the holistic experience of a design be it an object, a space or a service; extracting that subtle plus-alpha sensory factor which subconsciously hits home with a potential client. This curriculum aims to hone the first year students understanding of 3D objects, and how the 6 senses can influence the creation and perception of 3D objects from both designer and customer viewpoints. For example, in order to heighten the students’ awareness to sounds around them, they were invited to toss different objects within a metal wok in a pitch-dark environment, and identify the objects with their ears.

Using behavioral motion from an animal’s perspective as inspiration, students are invited to role play to explore how different animals perceive their environment.  This aims to enhance their understanding of user design.

Several student projects have been developed based on the following in Semester 2 of the 3D Foundation course :

  1. Environmental Enrichment Devices (EED) for animals in captivity in collaboration with the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Jan 2013
  2. Multi-sensory Kinetic Installation, following a workshop with Dialogue In the Dark, Jan 2014.

View sample presentation panel for Cheetah EED >>

Prototypes for EED & Kinetic Installation

Prototypes for EED & Kinetic Installation