Karuizawa Project

A concept design for a Chapel/ Restaurant/ Boutique Hotel
2008-2009, Karuizawa, Japan


Concept Designer and main Liaison/ Interpreter for a Japanese ‘chapel-chain’ client (In Japan there is a trend for ‘fantasy wedding chapels’ where clients are promised a dreamy wedding setting in any style, without having to set foot out of the country) and French restaurant consultant (renowned French chef Dominique Bouchet) at GKK Architects and Engineers.

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Notable Artworks Overseen at Setouchi International Art Festival, 2010

Art Coordinator for Setouchi International Art Festival
Apr 2010 – Nov 2010, Tokyo and Takamatsu, Japan


Setouchi International Art Festival Background

The Setouchi International Art Festival 2010 is the inaugural triennial contemporary art festival that takes place on multiple islands of the Setouchi (Seto Inland Sea) region of Japan, showcasing the art works of many renowned contemporary artists inspired by and in collaboration with the local residents, majority of whom are in their silver years.

The objective of this unique 100-day Art Festival stretching from 19th July- 31st October, is to re-invigorate the islands that have seen dwindling population by including numerous events bringing people from all over the world and Japan into contact with the local islanders through the making of Art and the sharing of lifestyle cultures. Many Artists lived in residence on the islands months before the festival conceptualising and making their artwork together with locals and volunteers alike.

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Jelly BeanZ

A scenography in collaboration with Benny Moss for the MSA Event
2009, Tokyo


Set design for a dance performance, dabbling on the theme of Melancholy and Depression [鬱病] with a satirical ‘POP’ funeral as an alternative resolution.

Kiryu Women’s University

A concept design for a Women’s University
2008, Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Concept design for a women’s university specialising in food and nutrition set in the Kiryu countryside.

This project was born when the University invested in a pizza oven, and wanted to share it with the community. Due to the lack of restaurant options in the area, the University decided to implement a novel concept of providing dining options to the local community as well.  This creates the opportunity for feedback on the students’ culinary skills. Therefore, the ground level dining area is open to the exterior, connecting it with the community. Daily menu, designed by the students, is served  to the University staff, students and public in this open dining area.

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Imafuku Residence

A concept design followed by project management for a residential project
2007, Fujisawa, Japan


photos of completed project with mock-up models

Main Liaison, Full Design and Project Management for Imafuku Residence (under GKK Architects and Engineers). This residential project consisted of the tearing down of half of a 50-year-old single-storey timber house belonging to the grandmother to clear land to accomodate a new double-storey cantilevered timber house which would house her son, his wife and their two young children (a boy and girl ages 7 and 12 respectively).
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Who Am I? Versions I & II | 私は誰ですか I & II

Who Am I? Version I – An art installation and performance in collaboration withTan Kai Syng and Heng Whoo Kiat
August 2004, Tokyo

Who Am I? Version II – An art installation in collboration with Heng Whoo Kiat, supported by Ant
October 2004, Singapore

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

installation live recording >>

“I am a hybrid of many experiences and chance encounters, born of a moment, build up of many moments…”

Through the sensorial puzzle of discovering ‘Who’ the artist is through sight, sound and smell, the participant is coaxed into discovering who he is… The installation of three beanbags suspended at different heights, is differentiated by the single “sense” each contains. The participant’s encounter with each beanbag is a personal one- by inserting his head into each beanbag whilst standing, sitting or kneeling, the acquaintance with the artist and himself becomes a very intimate experience.
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Grimaces/ Insulation/ Degrees of De Compositions

A scenography for Tan Kai Syng’s solo LIVE video art performance with sound artists Charles Christophe and Carl Stone
August 2004, Tokyo

conceptual sketch of scenography

conceptual sketch of scenography

This event was held in a gallery in Kanda, Tokyo

It is Tan Kai Syng’s Island-hopping series (Fall 2004 version) – comprising a full-day exhibition and a one-night live performance with electronic musicians Carl Stone and Christophe Charles.

Confronted with a small but unique gallery space boasting of one full-glass facade, the concept was to expand spatial perception by using the reflective nature of the glass while playing with the physical idea of ‘Island-hopping’. The notion of Inside and Outside were deliberately blurred to encourage appreciation of the unique qualities of the site.
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PhraZes | フレーズ

A performance in collaboration with Emma Lewis
July 2004, Tokyo


photos of performance

This performance demonstrates the breakdown of communication between three dancers. The collage of whispered phrases in multi-languages encoded in unrecognised meaning aired at the beginning of the performance results in frustration and struggle. As the dance progresses the incoherent jumble of languages eventually becomes one common tongue. Relieved, the dancers were finally able to physically exchange “Chat Bubbles” to each other through this shared language and have a proper dialogue.



PITCHBLACK | ピッチ・ブラック

An interactive installation in collaboration with Koyanagi Junji
June 2004, Tokyo

conceptual sketches and photos of Rebound I performance

conceptual sketches and photos of Rebound I performance

installation live recording >>

Sounding out invisible territories. Inspired by the bat’s use of echolocation to sense its surroundings, the participant to this installation is challenged to be both emitter and recipient of feedback coming from struck piano chords suspended in space when hit by a sounding pendulum, the medium. Based on his own sense of hearing, the participant is asked to mentally chart out the positions of the piano chords like vectors in space.