Karuizawa Project

A concept design for a Chapel/ Restaurant/ Boutique Hotel
2008-2009, Karuizawa, Japan


Concept Designer and main Liaison/ Interpreter for a Japanese ‘chapel-chain’ client (In Japan there is a trend for ‘fantasy wedding chapels’ where clients are promised a dreamy wedding setting in any style, without having to set foot out of the country) and French restaurant consultant (renowned French chef Dominique Bouchet) at GKK Architects and Engineers.

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Kiryu Women’s University

A concept design for a Women’s University
2008, Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Photos showing the Open Dining Concept

Concept design for a women’s university specialising in food and nutrition set in the Kiryu countryside.

This project was born when the University invested in a pizza oven, and wanted to share it with the community. Due to the lack of restaurant options in the area, the University decided to implement a novel concept of providing dining options to the local community as well.  This creates the opportunity for feedback on the students’ culinary skills. Therefore, the ground level dining area is open to the exterior, connecting it with the community. Daily menu, designed by the students, is served  to the University staff, students and public in this open dining area.

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Imafuku Residence

A concept design followed by project management for a residential project
2007, Fujisawa, Japan


photos of completed project with mock-up models

Main Liaison, Full Design and Project Management for Imafuku Residence (under GKK Architects and Engineers). This residential project consisted of the tearing down of half of a 50-year-old single-storey timber house belonging to the grandmother to clear land to accomodate a new double-storey cantilevered timber house which would house her son, his wife and their two young children (a boy and girl ages 7 and 12 respectively).
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P.S. – Permutations of Shopping

A conceptual design in nomadic architecture in collaboration with Alonso Toledo, Ole Baggethun and Regein Cox
January 2002, Paris

photos of prototype

photos of prototype

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P.S. fuses architecture with couture (archicouture). As a hiker must carry his ‘house’, the travelling salesman carries the genius of a SHOP-HOUSE puzzle, becoming at all times a LOGO for his product. Freed from the constraints of a fixed venue, P.S. takes form during his travel, becoming its context. The act of installation becomes a spectacle; engaging his public while demonstrating the multiple Permutations of Shopping.
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