Jelly BeanZ

A scenography in collaboration with Benny Moss for the MSA Event
2009, Tokyo


Set design for a dance performance, dabbling on the theme of Melancholy and Depression [鬱病] with a satirical ‘POP’ funeral as an alternative resolution.

Grimaces/ Insulation/ Degrees of De Compositions

A scenography for Tan Kai Syng’s solo LIVE video art performance with sound artists Charles Christophe and Carl Stone
August 2004, Tokyo

conceptual sketch of scenography

conceptual sketch of scenography

This event was held in a gallery in Kanda, Tokyo

It is Tan Kai Syng’s Island-hopping series (Fall 2004 version) – comprising a full-day exhibition and a one-night live performance with electronic musicians Carl Stone and Christophe Charles.

Confronted with a small but unique gallery space boasting of one full-glass facade, the concept was to expand spatial perception by using the reflective nature of the glass while playing with the physical idea of ‘Island-hopping’. The notion of Inside and Outside were deliberately blurred to encourage appreciation of the unique qualities of the site.
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PITCHBLACK | ピッチ・ブラック

An interactive installation in collaboration with Koyanagi Junji
June 2004, Tokyo

conceptual sketches and photos of Rebound I performance

conceptual sketches and photos of Rebound I performance

installation live recording >>

Sounding out invisible territories. Inspired by the bat’s use of echolocation to sense its surroundings, the participant to this installation is challenged to be both emitter and recipient of feedback coming from struck piano chords suspended in space when hit by a sounding pendulum, the medium. Based on his own sense of hearing, the participant is asked to mentally chart out the positions of the piano chords like vectors in space.


A scenography and performance in collaboration with Lee Jian Long
Feb 2004 , Tokyo

photos of performance

photos of performance

This event was held in a basement exhibition space in Kodaira, Tokyo .

It is an installation that becomes performance space over five days with invited artists asked to give their own interpretations of ‘body in space’.

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Crois Quoi

A scenography and choreography for the arts festival – “Vues d’Ici: Scenographie d’un lieu”
March to May 2001, Paris

sketches and photos of performance

sketches and photos of performance

soundtrack of performance >>

Dance project with original music and choreography. Inspired by the daily household objects that surround and dictate our everyday life, this is a dance that borders between practical and hyperrealist motion.
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Mnemonic- A Thousand Cranes

A scenography and cat-walk choreography for a fashion show by Gim Tok Choo
September 2003, Tokyo

sketches and photo of scenography

sketches and photo of scenography

This event was held in a garage-turn-gallery space in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In imitation of the fashion designer’s textile weaving techniques and achievement of light nuances through subtle fabric shifts of black, a catwalk inscribed in light was conceived.

Optimising the ‘biais’ of the space, the flow sequence for the models is likened to the diagonal weaving of the fabric. The audience’s eye shifts from spartan silhouettes to crisp detail and back to shadow again in a crescending and decrescending play of light.

The cold solemn aura of silently-advancing ‘faceless’ models moving in surgical precision is enhanced by the atmospheric electronic music of Charles Christophe. A live video projection of the fashion show on the outside of the performance ‘box’ engages the passer-by from the street.