Jelly BeanZ

A scenography in collaboration with Benny Moss for the MSA Event
2009, Tokyo


Set design for a dance performance, dabbling on the theme of Melancholy and Depression [鬱病] with a satirical ‘POP’ funeral as an alternative resolution.

Who Am I? Versions I & II | 私は誰ですか I & II

Who Am I? Version I – An art installation and performance in collaboration withTan Kai Syng and Heng Whoo Kiat
August 2004, Tokyo

Who Am I? Version II – An art installation in collboration with Heng Whoo Kiat, supported by Ant
October 2004, Singapore

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

installation live recording >>

“I am a hybrid of many experiences and chance encounters, born of a moment, build up of many moments…”

Through the sensorial puzzle of discovering ‘Who’ the artist is through sight, sound and smell, the participant is coaxed into discovering who he is… The installation of three beanbags suspended at different heights, is differentiated by the single “sense” each contains. The participant’s encounter with each beanbag is a personal one- by inserting his head into each beanbag whilst standing, sitting or kneeling, the acquaintance with the artist and himself becomes a very intimate experience.
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PhraZes | フレーズ

A performance in collaboration with Emma Lewis
July 2004, Tokyo


photos of performance

This performance demonstrates the breakdown of communication between three dancers. The collage of whispered phrases in multi-languages encoded in unrecognised meaning aired at the beginning of the performance results in frustration and struggle. As the dance progresses the incoherent jumble of languages eventually becomes one common tongue. Relieved, the dancers were finally able to physically exchange “Chat Bubbles” to each other through this shared language and have a proper dialogue.




A scenography and performance in collaboration with Lee Jian Long
Feb 2004 , Tokyo

photos of performance

photos of performance

This event was held in a basement exhibition space in Kodaira, Tokyo .

It is an installation that becomes performance space over five days with invited artists asked to give their own interpretations of ‘body in space’.

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Crois Quoi

A scenography and choreography for the arts festival – “Vues d’Ici: Scenographie d’un lieu”
March to May 2001, Paris

sketches and photos of performance

sketches and photos of performance

soundtrack of performance >>

Dance project with original music and choreography. Inspired by the daily household objects that surround and dictate our everyday life, this is a dance that borders between practical and hyperrealist motion.
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Mnemonic- A Thousand Cranes

A scenography and cat-walk choreography for a fashion show by Gim Tok Choo
September 2003, Tokyo

sketches and photo of scenography

sketches and photo of scenography

This event was held in a garage-turn-gallery space in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In imitation of the fashion designer’s textile weaving techniques and achievement of light nuances through subtle fabric shifts of black, a catwalk inscribed in light was conceived.

Optimising the ‘biais’ of the space, the flow sequence for the models is likened to the diagonal weaving of the fabric. The audience’s eye shifts from spartan silhouettes to crisp detail and back to shadow again in a crescending and decrescending play of light.

The cold solemn aura of silently-advancing ‘faceless’ models moving in surgical precision is enhanced by the atmospheric electronic music of Charles Christophe. A live video projection of the fashion show on the outside of the performance ‘box’ engages the passer-by from the street.

X-Culture Phase I & II

Phase I: An interactive live-streaming performance in collaboration with vocalist Tomoe
2005, Tokyo and Seoul
Phase II: A live sound art painting performance-cum-installation with vocalist Tomoe
2005, Super Deluxe, Tokyo

photo of performance

photo of performance

Phase I video recording of live streaming to Seoul

Phase II video recording

[X-Culture] is an exploration of the states of mind of migratory peoples, motivated by varying circumstances to leave their homeland and seek ‘greener pastures’ in foreign lands. The psychological impact of uprooting oneself from a place and resettling somewhere else having to adapt and assimilate old and new cultures; is a recurrent question on identity.
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