Notable Artworks Overseen at Setouchi International Art Festival, 2010

Art Coordinator for Setouchi International Art Festival
Apr 2010 – Nov 2010, Tokyo and Takamatsu, Japan


Setouchi International Art Festival Background

The Setouchi International Art Festival 2010 is the inaugural triennial contemporary art festival that takes place on multiple islands of the Setouchi (Seto Inland Sea) region of Japan, showcasing the art works of many renowned contemporary artists inspired by and in collaboration with the local residents, majority of whom are in their silver years.

The objective of this unique 100-day Art Festival stretching from 19th July- 31st October, is to re-invigorate the islands that have seen dwindling population by including numerous events bringing people from all over the world and Japan into contact with the local islanders through the making of Art and the sharing of lifestyle cultures. Many Artists lived in residence on the islands months before the festival conceptualising and making their artwork together with locals and volunteers alike.

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