Object Creation and Perception through the 6 Senses

Part-Time Lecturer, 3D Foundation, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media

Jan 2013 – Present


Student Sketch Models for Taste, Smell, Sound & Touch exercises

Although sight appears to be the contemporary man’s primary sense in perceiving his world, the other senses also play important roles in how we interpret what we see. This is increasingly so in our highly competitive consumerist world where there is a shift from mere ‘eye candy’ to the holistic experience of a design be it an object, a space or a service; extracting that subtle plus-alpha sensory factor which subconsciously hits home with a potential client. Continue reading

Who Am I? Versions I & II | 私は誰ですか I & II

Who Am I? Version I – An art installation and performance in collaboration withTan Kai Syng and Heng Whoo Kiat
August 2004, Tokyo

Who Am I? Version II – An art installation in collboration with Heng Whoo Kiat, supported by Ant
October 2004, Singapore

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

photo of Who Am I? Version I installation

installation live recording >>

“I am a hybrid of many experiences and chance encounters, born of a moment, build up of many moments…”

Through the sensorial puzzle of discovering ‘Who’ the artist is through sight, sound and smell, the participant is coaxed into discovering who he is… The installation of three beanbags suspended at different heights, is differentiated by the single “sense” each contains. The participant’s encounter with each beanbag is a personal one- by inserting his head into each beanbag whilst standing, sitting or kneeling, the acquaintance with the artist and himself becomes a very intimate experience.
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Mediating the Port

NUS M(Arch) Thesis Project
May 2003, Singapore

conceptual sketches and models

conceptual sketches and models

Architecture Thesis explores the Singapore Container Port infrastructure as an alternative form of Urban Nature – hence readdressing issues of public versus private Urban Edges, where park and port are reconciled through a re-invented market as mediator.